Plantar warts, aka those on the bottom of your feet, can be painful, uncomfortable, and downright frustrating when you use pharmacy wart treatment day after day, or week after week, with no real results. This is why one of the wart treatments we offer involves scooping out and removing the wart entirely in one appointment. Here’s how it works.


Curettage: Our Wart Removal Surgery

Wart removal surgery involves a dedicated appointment at our clinic to scoop out the wart under local anaesthetic, meaning that the procedure is pain-free. We find curettage to have both great success and deliver faster results than alternative treatments, with studies showing success rates of up to 85%.


We start by cleaning and sanitising the area following strict hygiene and safety protocols, numbing the area, then using a tool that resembles a sharp ice-cream scoop to excise the wart from the skin. We then apply a chemical called phenol to the scooped area so it can act on any small remaining bits of wart tissue that have been left behind, destroying the cells. We finish off by dressing your foot with a sterile dressing, giving you home-care instructions, and monitoring your progress until you’re fully healed.


This is a common and routine procedure that is offered by few clinics in our region due to the technical skills involved.


Why Patients Love It

Our patients choose this procedure because they’ve tried countless products for warts from the pharmacy and have become sick of waiting with no results. Warts often present in painful areas that bear weight anytime we walk, like the ball of the foot, our big toe or our heels, meaning it causes pain or discomfort all day. In these cases, patients don’t want to attend weekly sessions and wait for the wart to decrease in size over those weeks. They want it gone now – and with this procedure it can be.


Other benefits include:

  • No referrals for specialist care – it’s all done in our clinic
  • Pain-free under local anaesthetic
  • Usually there is no need to take time off school or work, unless advised by your podiatrist
  • You don’t need to wear any special boots 
  • You remain under the care of our experienced podiatrists the whole time, including during the healing stage
  • If you have an event coming up, like a hike, and your wart is causing you pain, this way you can ensure the wart and resulting pain won’t hold you back during your event


The Only Team In The Area To Offer Wart Removal Surgery

We’re proud to be the only team in our area to offer wart removal surgery. We also offer the same alternative treatment options as other podiatry clinics, but wanted to offer an instant solution that so many patients were seeking. 


What Are The Alternatives?

We also offer alternative treatments for warts. These are great for patients whose wart has recently appeared and they have not grown frustrated with it yet, or it is in a location or at a size where it is not yet causing pain during walking. Alternatively they have many warts they want treated at the same time. 


These treatments are solutions (acid, silver nitrate or other) that are applied to the surface of the wart after the wart has been debrided and exposed by the podiatrist. These are not done under local anaesthetic, though are easily manageable with minimal discomfort. These sessions are typically performed weekly and we expect to see some improvement week by week.


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