Cost of Orthotics in Sydney – What Do Podiatry Orthotics Cost?

Are you interested to know the cost of orthotics in Sydney?

We‘re well aware that the price of orthotics can seem high, which is why at Cartwright Podiatry we want to be sure you know what’s involved in the process, how we use orthotics, how long they should last, and the benefits of each device.

A full assessment will be made of your lower limb problems to create a custom treatment plan. If this involves the use of orthotics, our experienced podiatrists will discuss the best type of orthotics for you and the reasons why.

Cost of Orthotics in Sydney – A Quick Price Summary

Below is a summary of the price you can expect to pay for the orthotics that our podiatrist may prescribe for you. Please note that the costs do not include:

$00 Initial Consultation

$00 Follow-Up Consultation

Customers should be aware that if they purchase full custom orthotics from Cartwright Podiatry, two follow-up consultations are included.

Prefabricated Orthotics $00-$00

Full custom Orthotics $00-$00

What’s involved with each type of orthotic?

Prefabricated orthotics

Come in a large range of sizes, shapes, and materials

Provide varying degrees of arch support and other features

Usually last between 6 to 12 months depending on the material, how often they’re worn, and the activities they’re worn for

Our podiatrist alters them to suit your unique foot concerns

Are issued at your appointment – no need to wait for them to be made up

Depending on your level of private health insurance, you may be able to claim for podiatry

Custom Orthotics

3D digital scans will be taken of your feet to get an accurate replication

They will be custom made just for your feet based on the results of your gait analysis and biomechanical assessment

Our podiatrist takes into account the shape, size, material, outer covering material, thickness and padding of the orthotic device to align the movement and function of the muscles and joints as necessary, to correct your foot issue

Custom orthotics can last for more than 5 years depending on how often you wear them

Custom orthotics are considered the benchmark for podiatry management which is reflected in their price

You may be able to claim a large proportion of the cost of custom orthotics but please call your Health Fund to check. We can provide service numbers on request.

Skeletal print higlhlighted through persons legs walking on Treadmill

What’s included in an orthotic assessment?

We provide you with a comprehensive assessment that includes:

Full clinical assessment that includes video gait and biomechanical analysis

Orthotics suited to the needs of the individual

Follow-up consultations

Appropriate advice on stretching and strengthening exercises, and footwear

Ongoing treatment plan

Orthotic changes when necessary

Depending on the type of orthotics that our podiatrist prescribes for you, the cost of orthotics in Sydney will cost somewhere between AU$170 and AU$780. That said if you have private health insurance that includes podiatry, the costs could be considerably lower.

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