Cost of Podiatrists – How Much Does A Podiatrist Cost?

Are you wondering about the cost of podiatrists?

Podiatrists are medical specialists that are trained to diagnose, treat, and manage problems affecting your lower legs, feet, and ankles. They can also treat injuries and complications arising from ongoing medical conditions such as diabetes.

The cost of podiatrists is subject to change depending on the type of treatment that you need – and the fees shown below are intended as a guide only. Please contact the friendly team at Cartwright Podiatry for a more precise individual quote for any of our services.

If you have private health insurance then depending on your level of cover, rebates are often available for particular item numbers. Please contact us for more information about service numbers if you want a more accurate estimate of your out-of-pocket expenses.


Cost of podiatrists – bulk billed podiatry

Currently, our services are not bulk billed. We do, however, make an exception for DVA Gold Card holders and those in possession of an eligible Medicare EPC with no gap fees charged.

We can also process the rebate at our podiatry clinic, using our HICAPS terminal, provided you have an Eftpos or debit card. We take care of it for you, with no need to visit a Medicare office to make a claim.

Patients looking to have their podiatry care covered under DVA or Medicare EPC will need to be referred by their GP.


Medicare rebates to cover the cost of podiatrists

These are available for patients that have a chronic condition and complex care needs that are being managed under an EPC (Enhanced Primary Care) Plan by their GP. Eligible patients are able to have up to 5 podiatry treatments per calendar year. If you have rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, or other types of chronic foot conditions, then we recommend you discuss with your GP or podiatrist whether you are eligible to access this program. Unfortunately, it’s not possible for us to bulk bill our Medicare consultations.

Patient laying down receiving shockwave treatement
Patient laying down receiving shockwave treatement

What is the cost of podiatrists for:

Laser treatment – We use laser treatment to treat fungal nail infections. The cost starts from $000 but depends on how many nails need treatment. On average, most patients require 4 to 5 sessions.

Ingrown toenail surgery – On average ingrown toenail surgery ranges from $250 to $500 depending on the number of nail edges involved. To give you an individual quote, we will need you to attend an initial consultation. Please make an appointment if you require an estimate of costs for your ingrown nail treatment.

Orthotics – This varies considerably depending on the type of orthotic. Please note that there are differences in the level of rebate available depending on the level of your private health fund cover.

Custom foot orthotics range in price from $000 to $000 which includes consultation fees, 3D foot scan, video gait analysis, biomechanical assessment, orthotic prescription, initial fitting, follow-up appointment and minor adjustments.

Cost of Podiatrists – Initial Consultation

An initial consultation will be required for assessment of your problem and at this time we may be able to treat your condition immediately or give you an indication of any additional consultations that may be required, along with the associated costs.

Should you require orthoses or minor surgery, we can assess and discuss this with you at your first consultation and discuss it in more depth your options and possible costs.

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