Fungal Nail Laser Treatment – How it Works and What to Expect

You may have heard of fungal nail laser treatment, but you may not know how it works and what to expect.

Fungal nail infection or onychomycosis is pretty common. Approximately 10% of the Australian population suffer from this condition. Unfortunately, this number rises when we get older, with up to 50% of the over 60s developing an infection in one or more nails.

In the past, fungal nail infections have proven difficult to treat successfully because they spread easily and regularly re-infect.

Fortunately, Cartwright Podiatry has taken advantage of recent advances in technology and can treat these infections more effectively than ever before using anti-fungal laser treatment. You can wave goodbye to all of those topical creams, nail paints, and medications that you may have tried before.

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What causes fungal nail infection?

Fungal nail infections are caused by fungi penetrating the nail bed and the nail plate.  Nail infections are commonly spread through direct contact with another person that is infected. Infections can be picked up walking barefoot in communal areas such as gyms, swimming pools, and shower rooms because fungi thrive in environments that are moist and warm. 

The keratin that is contained in your nails serves to feed the fungi and causes the nails to become rough, yellow, and brittle. Once you have an infection, your trainers or work boots make the ideal home for the infection to flourish and spread. So, the sooner the infection is treated, the easier it is.

What causes fungal nail infection?

Thickened nails with rougher edges

White or yellow streaks on the nails

Flaky, crumbling, or brittle nails

A nail that is starting to lift up and come away

How do we treat nail infections?

We no longer prescribe medication or recommend you apply daily creams. Instead, we use a laser that effectively and safely helps treat fungal nail infections painlessly and hassle-free.

The laser gently heats the nail, destroying the living fungi and its spores to stop the infection from spreading. Unlike a topical cream, the laser can penetrate through the nail without causing any damage to the nail or the surrounding skin.

With no local anaesthetic, no recovery period, no side effects, and no visible harm to the nail or skin, it’s a simple procedure you could fit into a lunch break.

It’s important to know that nails (even healthy-looking nails) have no living cells. As such a dead cell has no way of fighting off infection and healing. This means that once we have finished your fungal nail laser treatment although the fungal cells will have been destroyed, the damage cannot be reversed. In other words, the damage will gradually disappear as the healthy nail grows out, although this can take several months.

Ingrown Toenail surgery being performed
Ingrown Toenail surgery being performed

What can you expect at a laser treatment appointment?

At Cartwright Podiatry, we don’t just treat your fungus nail infection, we prevent it from coming back. Your appointment will start with a comprehensive assessment to determine that you are a suitable candidate and to get to the root cause of the problem. This includes:

Confirmation that you have a fungal nail infection as opposed to another condition which may have similar symptoms

The cause of your infection so we can address this

A tailored treatment plan outlining the most appropriate short- and long-term management

Measures to ensure that once we have eliminated the infection, there is minimal risk of re-infection

Your first appointment should last for about 30 minutes and, if you’re eligible for cover, HICAPS facilities are available on-site for instant claims.  

Depending on your age and general health, the number of infected nails, and the severity of your fungal infection, you may need 4 to 5 sessions.

Get rid of fungal nail infections once and for all by booking an appointment at Cartwright Podiatry. Call on (02) 8405 6850 to enquire about our fungal nail laser treatment or book online today.

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