Ingrown Toenail Surgery Sydney

Our toenail surgeries are performed using the highest safety and sterility protocols by our experienced podiatry team. We are the only clinic in the area with staff that have undergone further postgraduate surgical training.

Ingrown toenail surgery is performed as a solution to toenails that have become ingrown, piercing the skin and causing immense pain at all hours of the day. The primary procedure that we perform to help with ingrown toenails is called a partial nail avulsion (PNA).

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Partial Nail Avulsion (PNA)

A PNA is a common procedure we carry out to help with problematic ingrown toenails. The procedure has many benefits, including:

It is performed in-clinic, in your treatment chair

The procedure often takes less than 20 minutes, with a total appointment time of up to one hour

Local anaesthetic is applied to the toe, meaning the procedure is pain-free

No additional time off work or school after the procedure is necessary and you can go home immediately

You do not need any special boots or braces while the toe heals

We apply a sterile dressing to your toe following the procedure and provide you with a take-home dressing pack with instructions for continued care

We monitor your progress to ensure it is healing well

Ingrown Toenail surgery being performed
Ingrown Toenail surgery being performed

The PNA Procedure

It is performed under local anaesthetic and involves removing a small sliver of the toenail at the edge that has ‘ingrown’ and is causing pain. This part of the procedure is performed within minutes, and the only thing you may feel is some pressure at the toenail.

Next, we use a chemical that destroys the nail growing cells, meaning that ideally, the section of the nail that has been removed will not grow back and continue to cause you pain in the future. Occasionally, over time, the nail may grow back as the body can repair and regenerate the cells damaged by the chemical. This is difficult to predict and our in-clinic experience shows that it occurs in less than one in five patients.

If the nail grows back, we will perform surgery again free of charge.

Finally, we apply antiseptic and dress your toe with medical-grade dressings for optimal healing. We give you a redressing kit to take home, and talk you through the re-dressing instructions. We book a follow-up appointment in 2-3 days to check that healing has begun and no abnormal signs are present.

The Recovery

Recovering from a PNA can take anywhere from two weeks to two months. This often depends on the:

Severity of the ingrown toenail

Quality of blood flow to the toes

Care taken during post-operative recovery

Presence of infection (before or after the procedure)

How do I know if ingrown toenail surgery is right for me?

The only way to be confident is to have a preliminary consultation with your podiatrist so we can assess your suitability for the procedure and complete our screening forms. Generally speaking, if you have suffered from painful ingrown toenails on more than one occasion, this procedure is likely to be indicated to prevent the problem (and pain) from recurring in the future.

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