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Our antifungal laser works to effectively eliminate fungal nail infections, whether they have been present for months or years. It is safe, pain-free, and has the strongest clinical evidence and scientific backing of any antifungal laser on the market to date

Aside from being frustrating, difficult to treat, and embarrassing for many patients, fungal nail infections can also spread rapidly within a household, affecting kids, parents and grandparents alike. Laser treatment works to destroy the fungus living on the nail, so that as the nail grows, the fungus will no longer continue to damage and change the appearance of the nail.

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Laser is the #1 solution for fungal nail infections

The effectiveness of laser to resolve fungal nail infections compared to topical treatments (lacquers, creams, drops) or oral medications is incomparable. Studies show that the average clearance rate for each is:

Topical treatments – between 5.5% and 8.5%

Oral medications – between 14% and 55%

Laser treatment – between 60% and 97%

These are the best results for fungal nail infections that we have seen in the last decade. On average, our patients require 4-5 sessions.

We love this treatment because:

It’s safe and sterile

No anaesthesia is required

There is a heating sensation – but no pain

There is no down-time – you can return to work, school or your daily activities immediately after the treatment

You can continue to wear normal shoes and clean socks following the procedure

You can apply nail polish following the treatment

No daily hassle for you to ‘treat’ the nails multiple times per day

No oral medications that may have harmful side effects on your body

A persons toe with showing fungus under a magnifying glass
Laser treatment being performed on a persons toe

How does the laser work?

Laser treatment works by gently yet effectively heating the nail plate to destroy the living fungus and its spores, to stop it spreading. The action of the laser means that it can penetrate the entire nail, unlike topical treatments that only offer a surface coating. Once the fungus is destroyed, it cannot keep affecting and damaging the nail. Hence, the nail will grow out with a clearer and healthier appearance.

Does laser hurt?

No. You will feel a gentle warming sensation, but we have not had a patient complain of pain or have any side effects from the treatment. Unlike other lasers that are machine- operated, our experienced team of podiatrists conduct the laser treatment from start to finish, meaning we maintain full control and continue to communicate with you throughout the treatment to ensure your comfort.

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