Orthotics Shoes in Sydney – How Can They Help

Have you been told you need orthotics shoes? Sydney patients are often horrified when we suggest this type of footwear to them because they mostly associate orthopaedic shoes with elderly people who have medical or foot problems that require them to wear this type of shoe.

So you might be surprised to learn that many people of all ages who have poor biomechanics are wearing orthopaedic shoes. These are specially designed to lend support to the structure and mechanics of the feet, ankles, and legs.

What sets orthopaedic shoes apart from regular shoes?

There are certain design features or characteristics that set apart this medical-grade footwear, namely:

Removable insoles – This is vital since many people will upgrade to custom orthotic insoles or diabetic insoles

Extra widths and sizing options – With numerous widths and sizing options, an orthotic shoe may be available in as many as 60 combinations!

Uppers that make room for forefoot problems such as bunions or hammertoes

A firm and supportive heel to support the rear of the foot

Easy to fasten – often people with foot problems suffer from mobility and flexibility issues. They may even have arthritis in their hands. This is why many orthotic shoes feature a hook and loop closure.

Seamless uppers with no areas that cause rubbing or abrasion

A well-cushioned strong mid-sole and outsole with impact absorption properties and defined flex points

Who wears orthotics shoes in Sydney?

Anyone suffering from the following ailments might find it beneficial to wear orthotic shoes:

Plantar Fasciitis – heel pain


Heel spurs

Swollen Feet – Lymphedema – Edema



Flat Feet – fallen arches


Those recovering from foot surgery

Skeletal print higlhlighted through persons legs walking on Treadmill

What’s the procedure for getting orthotics shoes in Sydney?

The first step is to have a consultation with one of our podiatrists. This will help us assess what will benefit your feet and movement most. We can evaluate your muscle strength and gait as well as the biomechanical characteristics of your feet. From here, we’ll discuss the best options for your work and daily life.

If we don’t have anything suitable at our clinic, we can order it in and properly fit your footwear.

Orthotics shoes in Sydney – 4 Benefits

Excellent support – Orthotics shoes cushion the whole foot providing it with the support it needs. They also help correct alignment, minimise foot pain, and prevent any existing problems from getting worse.

Enhanced circulation – Orthopaedic shoes give your feet the room to move around which, in turn, leads to better circulation.

Less foot pain – If you’re on your feet all day you’ll notice a huge difference with shoes that fit correctly and offer the proper support.

Improved mobility – Orthopaedic shoes make it easier for people to get around, leading to an improved quality of life. You can’t put a price on that!

If you struggle to find regular shoes that fit properly and don’t cause pain, why not book an appointment with Cartwright Podiatry to discuss how orthotics shoes in Sydney may be the solution. They come in different styles and look fashionable without sacrificing comfort.

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We care about your lower limb health.

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