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If you need a sports podiatrist Sydney athletes trust to get them out of pain, repair their injuries, and provide comprehensive solutions to help them better their performance and reach the top of their game, then we are here for you.

We understand the frustration of recurring injuries, of being limited by foot and heel pain, and of feeling concerned that something’s not quite right. We know that all you want to do is compete, improve, and achieve your personal best.

Sydney sports podiatrist – We treat sports injuries

Whether you’re a premier athlete, a budding young gymnast, or a weekend jogger, a foot or leg injury can really hold you back, both physically and mentally. Our small team of highly experienced sports podiatrists are committed to getting you back to training, sport, gym, work and beyond with improved knowledge, strength, purpose, and performance.

Everyone in Queensland loves sport (including us) and with more people than ever actively participating in sports we are seeing increased numbers of foot and lower limb injuries. These affect both males and females, adults, and children, and range from mild to acute.

Our Sydney sports podiatrists are experienced with athletes of all ages and have the knowledge to diagnose and treat injuries to the feet and legs. Whether you are a novice or professional athlete and suffering from any lower leg sports injury, come and see a sports podiatrist today at our Tahmoor clinic. Our small but powerful team will help you get back on track and competing at your best.

Patient laying down receiving shockwave treatement
Patient laying down receiving shockwave treatement

Effective short and long-term solutions

We use modern methods including video gain analysis to reveal how you move and how this impacts your sporting performance – as well as your risk factors for potential injury. Often, this analysis will show us the cause of the pain or discomfort that you are experiencing. This enables us to formulate a treatment plan.

We combine effective short-term pain relief such as massage and strapping with comprehensive long-term strategies to resolve the issue, including stretching and strengthening programs, customised orthotics, and footwear advice. Our experienced Sydney sports podiatrist also provides treatments such as shockwave and prolotherapy. These modalities transfer heat into tissue, joints, and tendons promoting an increased flow of blood to the injury site which encourages faster healing.

What causes foot and lower leg sports injuries?

Acute sports injury

An acute sports injury is caused by one single traumatic event. This could be landing awkwardly when jumping or vaulting, or a fall when running. One example of an acute sports injury is a sprain of the ankle. Poor strength, poor footwear and poor biomechanics are all factors that may increase the risk of an acute sports injury.

Chronic sports injury

A chronic sports injury affecting the lower leg and foot is often caused by biomechanical faults and overuse. When a person plays a sport, the feet and lower legs are often required to take forces that are 3 times their body weight. This increased force places an increased load on joints, tendons, and muscles. If a person has poor lower leg biomechanics it may mean the load is increased on specific muscles and can lead to injury. Examples of overuse injuries include tendinopathies and shin splints. Increased loads, poor conditioning, poor lower leg biomechanics and poor footwear are all associated with chronic sports injuries.

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Common foot and lower leg injuries seen by our Sydney Sports Podiatrist

There are many types of sporting injuries that can cause foot or lower leg pain. We recommend thorough diagnosis and consultation with our experienced team if you have a recent sporting injury of the foot, ankle, or leg.

Below are just some of the common sporting injuries that diagnose and manage at our clinic.

Ankle sprain

Patellofemoral knee pain

Achilles tendinopathy

Plantar fasciitis

Stress fractures

Shin splints

So, if you need a Sydney sports podiatrist, Cartwright Podiatry is here for you. Book online or call 02 8405 6850. We’ll soon get you back to where you want to be.

We care about your lower limb health.

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We care about your lower limb health.

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