Achilles Pain

Achilles Tendinosis

Achilles tendinosis is felt as pain and tightness through the achilles tendon at the back of the heel. It is often referred to as achilles tendinopathy or achilles tendonitis, even though technically speaking, they refer to different stages in the injury process of the tendon. Don’t worry – it only makes a difference to your podiatrist!

How is it caused?

When large amounts of force or strain are put on the achilles tendon, the tendon can develop micro-tears and become damaged. Depending on the severity, a partial tear or even a complete rupture may occur.

This strain may be caused by:

Increasing the amount of physical activity you’re doing

Increasing the intensity of the activity that you’re doing, especially running or jumping sports

Wearing unsupportive footwear with low heels

The biomechanics of your feet that may pull on the calves and achilles

Increased weight

A bony bump (haglund’s deformity) at the back of the heel

At Cartwright Podiatry, we often see patients with achilles pain that started as a small niggle months ago, and has now progressed to a more serious problem. If you do experience discomfort at the back of the heel, we highly recommend coming in for an assessment as early as possible.

Symptoms of achilles injury include:

Mild to severe pain at the back of the heel

Pain that is exacerbated by running, especially uphill

Pain on pinching the achilles tendon

Stiffness in the heel and calves

Inflammation may or may not be present

Pain when tip-toeing

A person stretching their leg

How is achilles tendinosis treated?

Before you see your podiatrist, you can start to alleviate the pain by resting, icing and elevating your foot. Avoid any activity that triggers the heel pain. Once you’ve had a professional assessment by one of our experienced podiatrists, we may use:

Temporary heel lifts – to immediately reduce strain on the tendon

Footwear – if necessary, making the switch to shoes that offer better support for your foot and ankle

Orthotics – to help reduce the tension on the achilles tendon while you walk

Stretching – to help reduce and prevent the onset of painful symptoms in the future

Strengthening – to help support healthy and strong foot and leg function

Strapping – to stabilise the ankle and help reduce achilles tension

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Ready to get back to doing the things you love without pain?

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